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 Coolana Private Cemetery, Coolana, Queensland, Australia

Latitude: -27.53401867289357, Longitude: 152.55690851484985 | Click to get directions to Coolana Private Cemetery

Coolana Private Cemetery. Part of the Wenck family farm (half an acre) was registered as a cemetery on 26 April 1900. This cemetery in Zabels Road was sold to a farmer by the Esk council in 1990. It has changed hands since then, and in 2005 it was part of a 3 acre property at 115 Zabels Road, Minden, owned by Ross Saxelby and Linda Van Engelen. The cemetery is on a separate title. In the 1970s the headstones were ploughed over and broken by a farmer who said he didn't see the graves in the long grass. There are still the remains of some of the headstones there.
Reimer Wenck's death certificate says buried 'at Hillside, his residence'.

Buried there were Reimer and Trinke Wenck, their sons Adolph and Carl Wenck and the infant sons, Gustav and Wallace, of their son Theodor. The only headstone more or less intact is that of Adolph.

The location of the family home was first called Back Plain, then Hillside, finally Coolana, near Minden, Queensland. Coolana is an Aboriginal word for 'home of flying foxes'.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Wenck family cemetery, Coolana
Wenck family cemetery, Coolana
Shows grave of Adolph Wenck on right and bases only of headstones of Reimer and Trinke Wenck. After this photo was taken in 1993, it was discovered on a subsequent visit in 2005 that one of the base stones had been removed. 
    Trinke PAYSEN (d. 24 Sep 1897)
Adolph Christian Georg "Otto" WENCK (d. 20 Apr 1941)
Reimer WENCK (d. 3 May 1903)
WENCK, Adolph grave at Coolana 1941
WENCK, Adolph grave at Coolana 1941
Photo taken by daughters of Adolph in 1941 
    Adolph Christian Georg "Otto" WENCK (d. 20 Apr 1941)