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Myrtle Colston

Myrtle Colston was a primary school teacher in Queensland. She began her training as a pupil teacher at Minden. She finished school there as Myrtle Wenck, and came back after the holidays as Miss Wenck, pupil teacher. Myrtle sat an exam called PT2 in 1927 and she was then an assistant teacher at Minden. During her time as a pupil teacher, the head teacher supervised her secondary school studies.

In 1932 she was at Witta, Cardwell in 1934, Innisfail Rural in 1935 and Tiaro in 1937. She resigned from Tiaro on 24 September 1937. She also taught at Mitchelton and Oakleigh State Primary Schools in Brisbane after her marriage.

She was known as a scotty teacher, which meant she didn't stand any nonsense. Nonetheless she was well liked and respected by her students, many of whom kept in touch with her by coming to call on her at home when they grew up.

At one period during the 1950s at Mitchelton, she had 60 pupils in her class, some of whom were migrants who initially didn't speak English. Even with all those pupils, she found time to locate an English/Russian dictionary for a young girl who could speak only Russian, and help her start to learn English.

Myrtle tolerated the 'new methods' for only a few years and retired from teaching in March 1973, aged 62 years.