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5101 WITTY-On August 27, at Beenleigh, the wife of H K Witty-a son. WITTY, Alfred Vincent (I6404)
5102 WITTY-On the 2nd April, at Yatala, Ida, infant daughter of W. K. Witty, aged 5 months. WITTY, Ida Alice Vincent (I9343)
5103 WITTY.- On Saturday, July 17th, at Benowa, near Southport, to Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Witty - a son. WITTY, Richard John Lawrence (I6435)
5104 WITTY.- On the 16th October, at Beenleigh (suddenly), W. K. Witty, of Yatala, aged 66 years. Deeply regretted. WITTY, William Knight (I7720)
5105 WITTY.-- On the 13th July, at the Grand Hotel, Southport, the beloved wife of W. K. Witty, aged 52 years. KNIGHT, Mary (I7721)
5106 WITTY.-- On the 27th October, at Yatala, Albert River, the wife of W. K. Witty, of a daughter. WITTY, Ida Alice Vincent (I9343)
5107 WITTY.-- On the 7th April, at Priory-terrace, Leamington Spa, England, Phoebe, relict of Richard John Laurence Witty, C. E. and mother of W. K. Witty, of Witty's Hotel, Queen street, Brisbane. KNIGHT, Phoebe (I9347)
5108 WITTY.-On July 30, at Beenleigh, the wife of Henry K. Witty-a son. WITTY, Henry Matthias (I6403)
5109 Wodonga and Towong Sentinel (Vic. : 1885 - 1954), Friday 11 August 1893, page 2

FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1893.
St Matthew's Church, Albury, was on Sunday morning the scene of a peculiarly distressing incident involving the death of Mrs Michael Knobel, who resided with her husband and family at Mungabareena. Mrs Knobel and two of her children were in their usual place in church when the service began. Shortly after the congregation rose Mrs Knobel fell to the floor in what was supposed to be a faint. The berger and several members of the congregation immediately went to the assistance of Mrs Knobel, and she was lifted up and removed outside. She was then apparently lifeless, and Dr Kennedy, on arrival a little time afterwards, pronounced her dead. The congregation were not generally aware of the seriousness of the incident until after the service, thinking that the deceased had been overcome merely by a fainting fit. But death was almost instantaneous. Mrs Knobel was 54 years of age, and was the mother of a large and well brought up family. About 14 years ago a son of the deceased had an apoplectic fit and fell in a fire, when he was burnt to death. At a post-mortem held on Sunday afternoon death was shown to have arisen from apoplexy. A magisterial inquiry was held on Monday, when a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony was recorded. It was elicited that the deceased had been under treatment by a Melbourne doctor for apoplexy. In the course of a sermon at the evening service at St. Matthew's, the bishop referred to the sudden death, saying that day had been a day of visitation to the congregation, for one had come there to join in the worship and praises of God, but while in the house of God she had joined those at rest in Paradise. It was well that her last moments should be spent in the earthly tabernacle of Christ. Everyone should take that visitation as a message for them to put their house in order, and to give an account of their stewardship. Let not that visitation pass by without letting them realise the importance of salvation; may it make them faithful, for no one could say wen they entered the house of God but that it might be for the last time. 
SALFINGER, Elizabeth (I1068)
5110 Wodonga Cemetery
Anglican Section, Row F, #28
with husband James 
WELLADSEN, Margreta Katrine "Greta" (I81)
5111 Wodonga Cemetery
Anglican Section, Row F, #28
with wife Greta 
LINDNER, James Richard "Patrick" (I976)
5112 Wodonga Hospital HANSEN, Shirley (I995)
5113 Wodonga Hospital WELLADSEN, Daniel Mcguiness (Max) (I1058)
5114 Wodonga Regional Hospital (formerly of Vermont Court Elderly Peoples Home, Vermont Street, Wodonga Vic 3690 and previously her home at 241 High Street, Wodonga) WELLADSEN, Beryl Jean "Jean" (I84)
5115 WOLLASTON, Sir HARRY NEWTON PHILLIPS (1846-1921), barrister and public servant, was born on 17 January 1846 at Mokine, Western Australia, only son of Henry Newton Wollaston, clergyman, and his wife Susannah, née Sewell. In 1854 the family moved to New Zealand and later to Melbourne. Wollaston was educated at St John's College, Auckland, Nelson College, New Zealand, and the University of Melbourne (LL.B. Hons, 1885; LL.M., 1887; LL.D., 1890). Called to the Victorian Bar in 1885, he was standing counsel (1886-1901) to the Victoria Marine Board.

In July 1863, after having completed the civil service entrance examination, he had joined the Victorian Department of Trade and Customs where his career followed a traditional path of clerk, tide-surveyor and landing waiter. In 1888 he was promoted chief clerk and in 1891 collector of customs and secretary of the department. He was widely acknowledged as being a competent administrator and an authority on customs and marine legislation. In 1891, at the request of Sir John Forrest, he reviewed the Western Australian Department of Customs, recommended major restructuring and prepared draft legislation.

Wollaston next reviewed and consolidated Victoria's multifarious customs Acts and ordinances. He was the author of The Customs Handbook and Merchants' and Importers' Guide (1887), Trade Customs and Marine Law Administered by the Department of Trade and Customs (1892) and Customs Law and Regulations with Notes and References (1904) which was long respected as a textbook. (Sir) George Turner made him a member of the civil service retrenchment committee, and in 1897 he was chairman of a committee to advise Turner on the financial clauses of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution bill.

Appointed comptroller-general of customs and secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Trade and Customs in 1901, Wollaston worked closely with C. C. Kingston in drafting legislation and the first Commonwealth customs tariff. Next year Kingston entrusted him with the task of drafting a navigation bill which, although praised by Kingston, was rejected by Sir Edmund Barton as being in conflict with government policy. In 1903 Wollaston investigated allegations of irregularities in the distribution of votes in the Queensland electoral division. Having accompanied Sir William Lyne to the 1907 Imperial Shipping Conference, London, Wollaston retired on 6 January 1911 and was succeeded by his son-in-law (Sir) Nicholas C. Lockyer. In 1917-19 Wollaston chaired the Commonwealth Film Censorship Board.

Energetic and hard-working, he was highly regarded for his patience in having 'nursed Ministers through tight places when he knew they had erred'. Aware of the problems confronting Victorian manufacturers, he had interpreted the colony's protectionist tariff with sympathetic understanding, while being critical of 'Border Barbarisms' practised elsewhere. He brought a similar attitude to the administration of Commonwealth customs, although his legalistic interpretation of the tariff created many problems for importers and departmental officers during the early years of Federation. For all that, Melbourne Punch praised him as 'a keen, right-to-the-point, matter-of-fact man of the world' and the Evening Standard avowed that he was able 'to see smuggled opium through a stone wall, or concealed behind a bank of preserved ginger'.

Wollaston was awarded the I.S.O. (1903), and appointed C.M.G. (1907) and K.C.M.G. (1912). On 12 May 1868 he had married with Anglican rites Mary Annie Harker (d.1911) at Trinity Church, East Melbourne; on 30 July 1914 he married Mary Henrietta Havard Price-Dent at St Saviour's parish church, Pimlico, London. Wollaston died on 11 February 1921 at Malvern, Melbourne, and was buried in Boroondara cemetery. His wife, and the son and three daughters of his first marriage, survived him.

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Author: D. I. McDonald

Print Publication Details: D. I. McDonald, 'Wollaston, Sir Harry Newton Phillips (1846 - 1921)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 12, Melbourne University Press, 1990, pp 555-556. 
WOLLASTON, Sir Harry Newton Phillips (I2091)
5116 Wolston Hospital FRIEDRICH, Elsie Louise (I6386)
Mrs Margaret Russell, 57, of Northumberland rd, Sunshine, was extensively burned on the body, arms, and legs last night when her dress caught alight while she was standing in front of a fire at her home.
She was admitted to Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition.

Margaret Russell, 50, of Northumberland st, Sunshine, who was severely burned when her clothes caught fire at her home on June 6, died yesterday in Royal Melbourne Hospital. 
POWELL, Margaret Adeline (I1723)
5118 Woman dead in house fire

An 87-year-old woman was burned to death in a house fire at Fairymead yesterday.
She was Mrs Emma Harriett Ann McIntyre, mother of the resident minister at Fairymead.
Bundaberg Fire Brigade was called at 1.25 pm.
When firemen arrived, the weatherboard house was ablaze. There was nothing they could do to save it.

Too fierce

Firemen were informed that there was an elderly lady still in the house, but the fire was too fierce for them to enter.
Mrs McIntyre's body was recovered later.
About 3000 gallons of water was poured on the flames from the brigade's main tanker.
Fairymead volunteer firemen used auxiliary pumps from tanks at the rear of the premises, before Bundaberg firemen arrived. The[y] pumped about 2000 gallons of water.
Bundaberg Fire Chief, Mr A Binnie, said later that the Fairymead men had done "a good job".
He said a shortage of water had hampered the firemen.
The home was owned by Fairymead Sugar Co Ltd and was insured.
Mr Binnie said he thought the fire might have started from an electric heater.
Mrs McIntyre's son was absent at Mt Perry at the time.

Bundaberg News-Mail, 5 August 1967, Page 1 
SPILLER, Emma Harriet Ann (I7002)

The death is announced of Mrs. Bertha Farley, aged 68. She was born at Port Stephens, and with her husband came to Wondai in 1910, since when they had engaged in farming at Leafdale, nine miles from Wondai. The late Mrs. Farley is survived by her husband, six sons, and four daughters. 
SAXBY, Bertha Marie (I4005)
5120 Wondai Cemetery
Row A, Plot No. 20, Suffix B 
REINKE, Grahame John (I2170)
5121 Wondai Cemetery
Row A, Plot No. 20, Suffix C 
REINKE, Reginald Colin (I194)
5122 Wondai Cemetery WENCK, Guido Ernest Wilhelm "Ernest" (I158)
5123 Wondai Cemetery, Church of England Section FARLEY, Samuel Alfred (I4004)
5124 Wondai Cemetery, Church of England Section SAXBY, Bertha Marie (I4005)
5125 Wondai Cemetery, Lutheran Section WENCK, Johann Reimer Andreas "Jack" (I69)
5126 Wondai Cemetery, Lutheran Section JUST, Sophie Marie (I149)
5127 Wondai Cemetery, Lutheran Section WENCK, Lesley Richard Noel (I150)
5128 Wondai Cemetery, Lutheran Section REINKE, Heinrich Christian "Henry Christy" (I195)
5129 Wondai Cemetery, Lutheran Section WENCK, Kevin John (I365)
5130 Wondai Cemetery, Lutheran section HANSEN, Hans Peter (I1280)
5131 Wondai Cemetery, Lutheran Section WENCK, Donald Elwyn (I1678)
5132 Wondai Cemetery, Lutheran Section FRANKE, Dorothea Emilie Marie (I3829)
5133 Wondai Cemetery, Lutheran section HANSEN, Edgar Wilfred (I5903)
5134 Wondai Cemetery, Methodist Section WENCK, Oswald Curt Albert "Eddie" (I156)
5135 Wondai Cemetery, Methodist Section GLUE, Alice May "Bessie" (I192)
5136 Wondai Cemetery, Methodist section BEHM, Allan Max (I210)
5137 Wondai Cemetery, New Methodist Section, Row A, Plot no. 13 BARNES, Amelia Catherine (I7529)
5138 Wondai Cemetery, Old Methodist, Row D, Plot no 50 HAUG, Carl Ludwig (I7540)
5139 Wondai District Hospital WENCK, Kevin John (I365)
5140 Wondai Lawn Cemetery WENCK, Trevor Hugo (I370)
5141 Wondai Lawn Cemetery HARM, Keith Allan (I1679)
5142 Woodbine Cottage

1) Alexander Colston, head, married, 55, Teacher of Music, Farm of 14 acres, born Portobello, Midlothian, Scotland
2) Ann Burness, servant, unmarried, 19, Domestic Servant, born Banchory Devenick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 
COLSTON, Alexander Thomson (I464)
5143 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2178)
5144 Woodford Hospital WENCK, Errol Adrian Neale (I2179)
5145 Woombye Cemetery KREBS, William Friedrich (I6200)
5146 Woombye Cemetery KUSKOPF, Marie (I6371)
5147 Woongarra Crematorium SULLIVAN, Dennisie May (I422)
5148 Words inscribed on the reverse of the medal:
Presented in the name of His Majesty to ETHEL ALDERSON, widow of Lance Corporal George Alderson, Durham Light Infantry, in recognition of the gallantry of the deceased, who lost his life in France on the 14th October 1915, in saving the lives of others.

[In January 2006, the medal in the possession of Ronald Philip Hennings, of Box Hill, Victoria, Australia, grandson of George Alderson]

14 October 1915: Lance Corporal George Alderson, 10th Durham Light Infantry. At B Camp, St Jans ter Biezen near Poperinge. Alderson, with two other non-commissioned officers, was moving some bombs into a room in a farmhouse where they were to be stored. While the bombs were being stacked, one of them fell to the floor and the percussion cap was fired. Alderson, knowing that the bomb would explode in four seconds, and that to throw it out of the window would endanger the men who were outside, picked it up and tried to reach the door. Before he could get out of the door the bomb exploded, blowing off his hand and inflicting other serious wounds, from which he shortly died. By his prompt action in picking up and carrying the bomb he probably saved the lives of the three men who were in the room with him, and by his presence of mind in not throwing it out of the window he certainly saved the lives of those standing outside. This act was the more meritorious as Alderson was fully aware of the deadly nature of the bomb and the danger to himself that his act involved. He died of his wounds and is buried in Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. Albert Medal First Class.

[Source :, downloaded 29 January 2006] 
ALDERSON, George (I1386)
5149 Worked for TC Beirne store in Fortitude Valley LYNAM, Agnes Mary "Mary" (I1831)
5150 Worked in the munitions factory in Lithgow during World War 2 WATERS, Horace Joseph "Horrie" (I6294)

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