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4951 Waikumete Cemetery
Protestant Lawn C, Row 5, Plot 128 
SUMICH, Antineata Joy Maureen (I8487)
4952 WALFORD--LOCKYER--On the 17th January, at St. Andrew's Church, South Brisbane, by the Venerable Archdeacon DAWES, M.A., Jerome, son of the late Benjamen WALFORD, to Ellis, daughter of the late Edmund LOCKYER, Major H.M. 57th Regiment.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, 4th February, 1888

The Brisbane Courier, Monday 30 January 1888, Page 4 
Family F419
4953 WALKER (nee Barbara Smith). -On the 9th November, at St. Margaret's private hospital, Geelong road, to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Walker, Balgownie, Gordon street, Footscray - a daughter (Heather Mary). (Both well.) WALKER, Heather Mary (I8460)
4954 WALKER.-On the 24th December, at Balgownie, 201 Gordon street, Footscray, Heather Mary, dearly loved only child of Ernest and Barbara Walker, aged six weeks.
Our wee sprig blossomed and faded. 
WALKER, Heather Mary (I8460)
4955 WALKER.-The Friends of the late BARBARA LILIAS WALKER are respectfully invited to follow her remains to the place of cremation, the Fawkner Crematorium.

The funeral is appointed to move from her residence, Balgownie, 201 Gordon street, Footscray, THIS DAY (Thursday, 20th August), at 2 o'clock.

WALTER A. WARNE, Undertaker, 291 Barkly street, Footscray. Tel. Foot. 9. 
SMITH, Barbara Lillias (I5006)
4956 WALKLATE (nee Gladys Elliott)-On the 20th July, at Epworth private hospital, Melbourne,   to Mr and Mrs J. R. Walklate, Commercial Bank, Manangatang - a son (premature). WALKLATE, Jeffrey Robert (I4023)
4957 WALKLATE, - October 23, 1943, killed in action, New Guinea, Eric Mervyn Walklate,   NX10142, 9th Div., returned Middle East, beloved eldest son of Police Sergeant and Mrs. Walklate, Port Macquarie and ever loving husband of Mollie, loving daddy of Joan, Barbara, and Janet, aged 29 years. WALKLATE, Eric Mervyn (I938)
4958 WALKLATE-On the 29th September, 1939, at his residence, 59 Sutherland street, West Brunswick, Enoch Henry, beloved husband of Lucy Martha, loving father of Eric, Spencer, Horace, Gordon, Myria (Mrs. Ling), Eunice (Mrs. Hill), Geoffrey, and Dulcie (Mrs. French), loving grandfather of Eric, Mavis, Spencer, Garfield, Joan, Vonda, Geoffrey, and Muriel. After long suffering sweet rest. WALKLATE, Enoch Henry "Henry" (I926)
4959 WALKLATE-WHITELAW.-On the 25th August, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. Lyle, John Woolfe Walklate, to Anne Willoughby Whitelaw. Family F662
4960 WALKLATE. - On December 28, William Petchy, beloved husband of Beatrice, and loved father of Mavis (Mrs. Yeo), Enid (Mrs. Cox), and Ione (Mrs. Keen), aged 89 years. WALKLATE, William Petchy (I2469)
4961 WALKLATE. -On the 26th September, at Epworth private hospital, Richmond to the wife of J. R. Walklate, Commercial Bank, Culgoa-a daughter (Both well.) WALKLATE, Muriel Rose (I2655)
4962 WALKLATE. Spencer Henry - October 30, at his residence, Port Macquarie, beloved husband of May Hope Walklate and loved father of Garfield and Mavis WALKLATE, Spencer Henry John William (I924)
4963 WALKLATE.-August 18, 1940 (suddenly) at her residence, 34 Harp Road, Kew, Melbourne, Anne Willoughby, the dearly loved wife of John Wolfe, and loving mother of Ruby (Mrs. J. W Christopher), Harold (A.I.F., deceased), Rev. Cyril J., Vivian E., and Wilfrid E., of Sydney. Aged 85 years. WHITELAW, Anne Willoughby (I2470)
4964 WALKLATE.-On December 15, at the residence of her daughter, 49 George street, East Melbourne, Lucy Martha, beloved wife of the late Henry Walklate (late of Tasmania), loving mother of Eric, Spencer, Horrace, Gordon (deceased), Myra (Mrs. Ling), Eunice (Mrs. Palmer), Geoffrey, and Dulcie (Mrs. French), aged 82 years. -Lovely days we had together. Loving memories will never die. (Inserted by her devoted daughter, Mrs. C. F. Palmer.)

WALKLATE. - On December 15, Lucy Martha, darling mother of Dulcie, and much loved mother-in-law of Carl French. -The dews of heaven fall thick with blessings on her memory. 
ATKINS, Lucy Martha (I927)
4965 WALKLATE.-On March 29, at 10 Torrington place, Canterbury, Beatrice Ellen, wife of late William Petchy, loved mother of Mavis (Mrs Yeo), Enid (Mrs Cox), and Ione (Mrs Keen). LUND, Beatrice Ellen (I2575)
4966 WALKLATE.-On the 14th December, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Stuart Jamieson, Airlie, Wingrove street, Alphington, Ann, widow of the late J. W. Walklate, loving mother of John, Alice (Mrs. Jamieson), Emma (Mrs. Higgs), Henry, and William, aged 91 years. GANGELL, Ann Dorothy (I930)
4967 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1363
4968 Wangaratta Cemetery
Roman Catholic No. 1 - Plot No. 468N
No headstone 
LENNON, Thomas Alexander (I30)
4969 Wangaratta Hospital LENNON, Thomas Alexander (I30)
4970 WARD: Arthur Risdale
Aged 77 years.
Late of Hervey Bay formerly of Camira, Queensland. Passed away peacefully at St Stephen's Hospital, Hervey Bay on Sunday, 21st January, 2018.
Much loved husband of Glen. Dearly loved father and father-in-law of Aaron & Sarah and Jane. Loving grandfather of 9 grandchildren.
At Rest
Family and friends of Arthur are invited to attend a celebration of his life to be held at the Fraser Coast Crematorium and Bayside Memorial Gardens on Monday, 29th January, 2018 commencing at 10:00 am. In lieu of flowers donations to the Cancer Council would be appreciated, envelopes at the service.
Ross Funerals, Hervey Bay 
WARD, Arthur Risdale (I3209)
4971 Warragul Cemetery
Church of England
Died June 21 1958, 73 years
grave 22W 
RICHARDSON, James (I5504)
4972 Warragul Cemetery
J Richardson
Church of England
unmarked grave 318
no date 
RICHARDSON, James (I3061)
4973 Warragul Cemetery
Richardson, Susan E
23 Jun 1925 (not known if death or burial date)
Church of England
Grave 332, unmarked 
SIMMONDS, Susan Emily (I3057)
4974 Warrill Park Cemetery WEISE, Norman Otto (I3331)
4975 Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery GOODMAN, Mary Ellen (I1413)
4976 Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery NEUENDORF, Arthur (I3429)
4977 Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery SCHMUNCK, Mary Martha (I4152)
4978 Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery HEIT, Violet (I5932)
4979 Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery KÜBLER, Gladys Evelyn (I6018)
4980 Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery JOSEFSKI, William Edward (I6065)
4981 Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery SCHULTZ, Hermann Gustave (I6507)
4982 Warwick Cemetery LARSEN, Emmy Johanna Marie (I5492)
4983 Warwick Cemetery, Lawn section LARSEN, Edward (I2668)
4984 Warwick Daily News (Qld. : 1919 -1954), Friday 3 November 1933, page 1

Modern Needs
Footpaths for Pedestrians
Roads for Vehicles

BUNDABERG, Thursday.-- "Motor traffic has come to stay, and it is up to the public to appreciate the modern trend of progress and to use the footpaths," declared Mr. Justice T. Brennan, in the Circuit Court to-day.
The time would come, he added, when action would have to be taken to force the people to use the footpaths. The old views never seemed to alter. We were not living in the stone age now in regard to traffic.
Only recently, his Honour proceeded, he had had occasion to tell the Commissioner for Railways to modernise his out of date engine headlights.
His Honour's comment followed a case in which August Gollschewsky pleaded guilty to having driven a motor car in such a manner as to cause bodily harm to a youth, Charles Heathwood, on July 16 last.
Defendant was discharged, his counsel having informed the court that all expenses in connection with the accident had been paid by the defendant.

1933 'TRAFFIC', Warwick Daily News (Qld. : 1919 -1954), 3 November, p. 1. , viewed 23 Dec 2016, 
GOLLSCHEWSKY, August Ferdinand (I6076)
4985 Warwick Daily News (Qld. : 1919 -1954), Wednesday 24 April 1935, page 5





Scathing comment upon the attitude shown by a father towards his son was made by Mr. E. J. Pearce, J.P., in the Stanthorpe police court yesterday, when dismissing a charge brought against Basil Leo Spiller (18) of having stolen an overcoat belonging to his father, Thomas Spiller. "In the opinion of the Bench," observed Mr. Pearce, "the father has made a malicious attempt to enlist the assistance of the law in gratifying his vindictiveness towards his son."

The actual charge against the son was that on April 18, at Kyoomba, he stole an overcoat valued at £4, the property of his father.

Constable Abraham testified that, in consequence of a complaint, he and Sergeant Bright went to the Stanthorpe railway station at 6.45 p.m. on Saturday and saw the defendant. In reply to questions by witness defendant informed him that he had obtained the overcoat he was wearing from his father's place on the previous Thursday. He admitted that no one had given him authority to take the coat, and that no one was at home at the time. Complainant, who was also at the railway station, then identified the overcoat his son was wearing as his own. Sergeant Bright asked him what he desired the police to do in regard to the matter, and the father replied, "I want him arrested. He has stolen things from me before;" Defendant was then arrested. When charged at the watch house he replied, "I am guilty. I stole the overcoat, as I wanted it for a dance at Wyberba to-night, and I was going to take it back on Monday."

Witness added that the defendant did not live with his father, but resided at Passmore, and was unemployed.

Thomas Spiller, mine engine driver, residing at Kyoonmba, gave evidence. When asked if the defendant was his son he replied, "He's supposed to be my son, and I have had to keep him." Witness added that his son did not reside with him at Kyoomba, and had not resided with him for the past two years. On Thursday last witness and his wife were away from home, but the house was not locked. They returned home at 5 p.m. and half an hour later witness missed the overcoat, which he paid £4/4/ for and which he now valued at £3/3/. When he identified the overcoat at the railway station he heard his son say, "I took a loan of it." When Sergeant Bright asked witness what he wanted the police to do with his son he replied, "I want him arrested and bound over."

Sergeant Bright observed that it was a terrible thing for a father to have his son arrested, and witness said, "He has stolen from me before and steals every time I go away from home."

Witness said defendant was not hunted from home, but left of his own accord. Anything he had taken on previous occasions he had not returned.

Answering questions by his son, witness said it was more than two years since the defendant was living at home. The defendant came to the home when he was away, but was frightened to do so when he was there, because he knew that witness would lash him.

In reply to questions by the Bench (Messrs. E. J. Pearce and J. Quilliman, JJ.P.) witness said he did not know where his son was now living, nor was he interested. He had been told that his son could find employment, if he wished, but he would not take it. The overcoat was two years old. "I am entirely disinterested in the defendant's welfare," added the father. "I will not have him near the home. If he were a good son I would consider there would be a moral obligation on me to provide for him. As soon as I missed the coat I knew my son Basil had taken it. I did not expect him to return it.

Under further cross-examination by his son, witness said he remembered throwing a spanner at the defendant at the tin shed on one occasion. He had asked Mr. McNamara to put his son out of the Brisbane claim. He did so, because the son was stealing things from witness' house. He was antagonistic to the lad. On one occasion the defendant went to work for Charlie Hughes for his food only. When the son returned he did not find that half of the house had been pulled down and sold.

At the close of the evidence Mr. Pearce remarked that the evidence did not substantiate a prima facie case, in accordance with the provisions of section 391 of the Criminal Code. Secondly, a father was under a legal obligation to provide the necessaries for his children until they attained the age of 21. In a climate such as Stanthorpe an overcoat may be considered a "necessary,"

"Even if the offence were committed," added Mr. Pearce, "we consider that the principle of natural justice would overrule any technicalities of the law, after taking into consideration the whole of the surrounding circumstances of the case. In the opinion of the Bench the father has made a malicious attempt to enlist the assistance of the law in gratifying his vindictiveness towards his son. Apparently the son has not been given a chance to make good, and his present circumstances are attributable to his father's attitude towards him."

Mr. Pearce advised the defendant to refrain from going near his father or his father's home and to endeavour to lead a straight life solely from his own resources.

The defendant was discharged, and an order was made for the return of the overcoat to the complainant.

1935 'FATHER AND SON', Warwick Daily News (Qld. : 1919 -1954), 24 April, p. 5. , viewed 06 Oct 2018, 
SPILLER, Basil Leo (I7168)
4986 Warwick Hospital SMITH, Ivan Arthur (I8141)
4987 Warwick Lawn Cemetery SMITH, Ivan Arthur (I8141)
4988 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F5334
4989 Was about 92 - year of death unknown LYNAM, Patrick (I184)
4990 Was convicted on 17 May 1832 of theft and simple larceny and arrived on the Fanny 2 which had sailed from Downs 29 July 1832. Her term was 14 years. TOOTELL, Elizabeth (I2088)
4991 Was not listed on 1841 census taken on 7 June. COLSTON, Jemima (I469)
4992 Was published at
but this is no longer a valid link [April 2010]. 
Source (S333)
4993 Was top of his class - specialised in reinforced concrete.
Worked in Australia building Avalon Airport (opened March 3, 1953, runway constructed by Commonwealth Department of Works), worked for BHP, Burnie. 
HAUNSTRUP, Svend (I916)
4994 Waugh Road Monumental Cemetery
Plan 14, Section AO, Row G, Plot No 6 
KNOBEL, Philipbena (I446)
4995 Waverley Cemetery ROWE, Eliza (I1331)
4996 We sincerely regret having to record the death of Mrs George Scott, wife of Mr George Scott of Kilgour Street, Chiltern, which sad event occurred at her late residence early on Sunday morning last. The immediate cause of death was haematemesis supervening on influenza. Deceased, who was sixty-seven years old, was a native of Somersetshire, England, and had been in the colony about forty years. About four weeks ago she, who had practically not known sickness previously, contracted influenza and a week later had to take to her bed. All that medical skill could do was unavailing and her end came as stated. Her remains were interred in the Chiltern New Cemetery on Monday afternoon. The funeral service was impressively read at the grave by the Rev F Lade who also paid a tribute to the probity and Christian character of the deceased. The funeral arrangements were capably conducted by Mr R Wappet. Great sympathy is felt for the husband and family left to mourn their loss. SCOTT, Charlotte (I1802)
Hunter-Marshall. - The marriage of Miss Alethea Riches Marshall to Mr. Kenneth Alexander Hunter (Mackay), which was solemnised at St. Paul's Church of England by Rev. H. Kestell Cornish, assisted by Rev. James Hardman, created interest in Ipswich and Mackay.

The bride was gowned in dropped-stitch lace with a draped bodice caught at the back with four pearls, two-tiered circular skirt, short puffed sleeves, and finger-tip cut tulle veil, with natural flower side-sprays. Her bridesmaids, Misses Gwalla Edmunds and Hazel Collet, wore silver bodices and two-tiered Brussels net skirts made on the same lines as the bride's. A novel floral rope arrangement comprised the bouquets carried by the bride and bridesmaids. Hand-made green net roses with silver sequin head-bands comprised the head-dresses of the bridesmaids.

Mr. Lex Larsen was best man and Mr. Darell Greenfield groomsman.

The bride was given away by her uncle, Mr Selwyn Krebs, of Brisbane.

During the signing of the register Mrs. Ray Jones played the organ, and "Love's Coronation" was sung by Mr. George Bishop. The church was decorated by Mesdames J. Hardman and H. Mensforth.

The wedding reception was held at St. Paul's Hall, where the bride's mother, Mrs. R. Marshall, was hostess, assisted by the mother of the groom, Mrs. M. Hunter. Mrs. Marshall was frocked in beige silk lace, with Burgundy accessories and deep wine bouquet. Mrs. Hunter chose saxe blue with black accessories and gold-tinted bouquet. As "something old" the bride wore an aquamarine pendant which was worn by her mother on her wedding day. The diamond-shaped wedding cake, which featured three tiers iced in pale pink, with a design of miniature roses and green butterflies, was the work of the bride.

The honeymoon was spent at Noosa. 
Family F2069
At St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Toowoomba, on January 6th. Captain A. A. Krebs (A.I.F.), second son of Mrs M. Krebs, Palmwoods, and the late Mr. Krebs, was married to Corporal E. M. Miller, A.A.M.W.S., only daughter of Mrs. T. Rooks, Campbell Street. The Rev. N. H. Jougin officiated.

The bride, who was given away by her grandfather, Mr. G. Ford, senr. (Linthorpe) wore a wedding gown of white silk embossel krinkle crepe over parchment taffeta. Her veil, which was lent by her aunt (Mrs. R. Stower) was softly held in place by a spray of orange blossom. She carried a shower bouquet of lilies of the valley and for "something old" wore a gold brooch, which had been worn by the bridegroom's grandmother on her wedding day. The bridegroom's two sisters, Misses Marie and Brenda Krebs, who attended the bride, were frocked in blue and green hail spot net over satin, respectively. Their tulle veils were caught to the head with trails of pink flowers, and their bouquets were of pink and blue hydrangea, charm dahlias, asters and gladioli. The bridegroom's brother, Mr. H. F. Krebs (Bulimba), was best man, and Mr. E. C. Miller (Linthorpe) groomsman.

The reception was held at the Cafe Alexandra, where the guests were received by Mrs. T. Rooks (mother of the bride), and later in the evening, guests and intimate friends were entertained at the residence of the bride's aunt (Mrs. T. Vidler).

The three-tier wedding cake was a gift from the bridegroom's mother. Mrs. Harper (Toowoomba) was responsible for the bouquets. Mrs. J. Kuskopf (Bulimba) for the bride's frock, and Mrs. H. Hobson (Palmwoods) the bridesmaids' frocks.

The honeymoon was spent at Coolangatta. 
Family F5548
The marriage of Ronald, fourth son of the late Mr and Mrs S. McFarland, of Hurstville, Sydney, and Bertine [Bettine] second daughter of Mr and Mrs Neil Welladsen, of Wodonga West, took place in Albury on Saturday.
The officiating clergyman was Rev Hillman.
Mr Frank McFarland, brother of bridegroom, was best man, while Miss Jean Welladsen acted as bridesmaid to her sister.
The young couple are spending their honeymoon in Sydney.
They will reside at Wondonga West. 
Family F322
5000 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F102

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