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4851 Toowong Cemetery
Portion S, Section 102, Grave Number 11 
NIELSEN, Samuel (I9185)
4852 Toowong Cemetery
SCHIMMING Elizabeth Clara
buried 24/11/1947, 72 years
Portion 10, Section 62, Grave # 31
with son Cyril Ernest WICKS (Wenck)

Elizabeth SCHIMMING, 22 Nov 1947, 72 years, Mother of Cyril Ernest WINKS 
HINE, Elizabeth Clara (I173)
4853 Toowong Cemetery
WICKS Cyril Ernest
buried 30/8/1930, 31 years
Portion 10, Section 62, Grave #31
with mother Elizabeth Schimming

Pte Cyril Ernest WINKS, 28 August 1930, 6889, 25th Battalion 
WENCK, Cyril Ernest Gustav (I174)
4854 Toowong Cemetery 
Portion 23, Section 31, Grave Number 26 
WITTY, Henry Knight (I6362)
4855 Toowong Cemetery, Portion 10, Section 60, Grave 27, with son Vivian Eric GILBERT, Reginald Herbert (I584)
4856 Toowong Cemetery, Portion 21, Section 7, Grave number 1 ALBRECHT, Wilhelmine Johanne Auguste (I5968)
4857 Toowong Cemetery, Portion 7A, Section 177, Grave number 23 SCHLOSS, Wilhelm Robert (I6013)
4858 Toowong Cemtery
Portion 7A, Section 8, Grave Number 18 
WISE, Sarah (I901)
4859 Toowoomba Base Hospital, formerly of Forest Hill LUCK, Bartholomew "Barty" (I986)
4860 Toowoomba Crematorium MOORE, Eva May (I7170)
4861 Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance BURTON, Violet May "May" (I591)
4862 Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance WENCK, Clarence Reginald Douglas "Reginald" (I1676)
4863 Totenegister Neuenkirchen (in Dithmarschen) 1832 Nr.21, gestorben am 25.Apr.. begraben am 27.Apr.1832 =
Matthias Wehnk, ehel. Sohn des Arbeitsmann in Tiebensee Johann Wehnk u. s. Fr. Lotte Christina geb. Loos      5/4 Jahre. 
WENCK, Matthies (I2766)
4864 Totenregister Neuenkirchen (in Dithmarschen) 1827 Nr.21, gestorben am 13.Apr., begraben am 16.Apr.1827 =
Hinrich Christian Wencke, ehel. Sohn des Arbeitsmann in Tiebensee Joh. Wencke u. s. Fr. Lotte Christina geb. Loose       1½ Jahre. 
WENCK, Hinrich Christian (I2768)
4865 Totenregister Neuenkirchen (in Dithmarschen) 1867 Nr.17, gestorben am 10.Apr., begraben am 16.Apr.1867 =
Andreas Wenck, Einwohner und Arbeiter am Dellwege, z.Z. in Tiebensee, alt 66 Jahr (angeblich geb. aus Platenrönne. Kirchsp. Marne). Derselbe war 2 mal verheirathet:

1.) mit weil. Maricke, geb. Claussen aus Hemme (cop. d. 20.Dec.1822, gest. d. 29.Oct.1836). Aus dieser Ehe leben 2 Kinder:
1. Anna Margaretha Christina, angeblich verheirathet mit dem Mauermann Julius Sick in Eutin, alt 42 Jahr (geb. d. 9.Apr.1825)
2. Maria Elisabeth, verheirathet mit dem Schlosser Theodor Hedderich in Hamburg, u. welcher, den Gerüchten nach in letzter Zeit verstorben sein soll, alt 40 Jahr (geb. d. 6.Febr.1827). Seine 3te Tochter, Namens Wiebke, geb. d. 26.Dec.1830, soll angeblich vor 2 Jahren ohne Leibeserben in Hamburg verstorben ist.

2.) mit der noch lebenden Margaretha Catharina Dorothea, verwittwete v. Döhrn, gcb. Corpus (cop. d. 3.Dec.1837). Aus dieser Ehe leben 2 Kinder:
1. Margaretha, verheirathet mit dem Einwohner u. Arbeiter Claus Buck in Heuwisch, alt 29¼ Jahr (geb. d. 25.Dec.1830 [should be 1837], cop. 27.Nov.1859).
2. Herrmann Heinrich, Arbeiter z.Z. angeblich in America, verheirathet mit Meta Catharina, geb. Voss, z.Z. in Tiebensee, alt 27½ Jahr (geb. d. 20.Sept.1839).
Von einer bereits verstorbenen Tochter Catharina, weil. in Strübbel W.D. (geb. d. 20.Febr.1842), verheirathet gewesen mit dem Arbeiter Peter Christian Eggers das. (cop. 4.Mai 1862, u. angeblich verstorben im Jahr 1865) lebt angebl. eine Tochter, Namens Anna Margaretha Eggers, alt 2½ Jahr.

Aus der lsten Ehe der nachgelassenen Wwe. mit dem weil. Arbeiter Peter v. Döhrn in Böddinghusen (gest. d. 11.0ct.1836) leben 3 Kinder:
1. Christian Heinrich Theodor, angeblich Arbeiter in America, alt reichlich 38 Jahr
2. Anna Friederica, angeblich verheirathet mit dem Zimmermann Hans Huss in America, alt ca.- 36 Jahr.
3. Dorothea Christina, verheirathet mit dem Arbeiter Johann Hoffmann auf Hochfeld bei Heide, alt ca. 34 Jahr.


Burial register of the Evangelic Lutheran church in Neuenkirchen (in Dithmarschen) 1867 No.17, died on 10.Apr., buried on 16.Apr.1867 =
Andreas Wenck, an inhabitant and labourer at Dellwege. at the present time in Tiebensee, 66 years old. (alleged to be a native of Platenrönne in the church parish Marne). The same was married twice:

1.) with the late Maricke, nee Claussen from Hemme (married on 20.Dec.1822, deceased on 29.Oct.1836). From this marriage are 2 children alive, as:
I. Anna Margaretha Christina, alleged to be married to the bricklayer Julius Sick in Eutin. 42 years old (born on 9.Apr.1825)
2. Maria Elisabeth, married to the locksmith Theodor Hedderich in Hamburg, who passed away recently, as rumours have it. 40 years old (born 6.Febr.1827)
His third daughter, named Wiebke, born on 26.Dec.1830, is alleged passed away 2 years ago in Hamburg without any children.

2.) married to the still alive Margaretha Catharina Dorothea, widowed von Döhrn, nee Corpus (married on 3.Dec.1837). From this marriage are 2 children alive, as:
1. Margaretha, married to the inhabitant and labourer Claus Buck in Heuwisch, 29¼ years old (born 25.Dec.1830 [should be 1837], married on 27.Nov.1859).
2. Herrmann Heinrich, alleged to be in America now, married to Meta Catharina, nee Voss, at the present time in Tiebensee. 27½ years old (born on 20.Sept.1839).
From his already deceased daughter Catharina, deceased at Strübbel, district Wesselburen, (born on 20.Febr.1842) married to the labourer Peter Christian Eggers of that place (married on 4.May 1862 and alleged deceased in the year 1865). One alive daughter, named Anna Margaretha Eggers, 2½ years old.

From the first marriage of his surviving widow, who was married to the late labourer Peter von Döhrn in Böddinghusen (deceased on 11.Oct.1836) are 3 children:
1. Christian Heinrich Theodor alleged to be a labourer in America, 38 years old.
2. Anna Friederica, alleged to be married to the carpenter Hans Huss in America, approx. 36 years old.
3. Dorothea Christina, married to the labourer Johann Hoffmann at Hochfeld near Heide, approx. 34 years old. 
WENCK, Andreas (I8692)
4866 Totenregister Wöhrden 1833 Nr.49, gestorben am 27.Aug., begraben am 30.Aug.1833 =
Peter Matthias, des Arbeitsmanns Johann Wenk auf Wennemannswisch und dessen Frau Christina geb. Lohse ehel. Sohn. Starb 5 Monate alt und wurde Vormittags still beigesetzt. 
WENCK, Peter Matthias (I8631)
4867 Tower Street, Portobello.
James Colston, mason, 28
Beimey Colston, 35
Eliza Colston, 6
William Colston, 2
All were born in the county 
COLSTON, William Edward (I25)
4868 Tower Street, Portobello.
James Colston, mason, 28
Beimey Colston, 35
Eliza Colston, 6
William Colston, 2
All were born in the county 
COLSTON, James Forsyth (I443)
4869 Tower Street, Portobello.
James Colston, mason, 28
Beimey Colston, 35
Eliza Colston, 6
William Colston, 2
All were born in the county 
WALKER, Jemima (I444)
4870 Tower Street, Portobello.
James Colston, mason, 28
Beimey Colston, 35
Eliza Colston, 6
William Colston, 2
All were born in the county 
COLSTON, Elizabeth "Eliza" (I468)
4871 Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1907 - 1954), Monday 24 January 1955, page 1
Fall From Tram
BRISBANE. January 23
Colin Freiberg, about 45, of Wooloongabba, Brisbane, was killed when he fell from a tram in Stanley Street, South Brisbane, at midnight last night. 
FREIBERG, Colin Harold (I1466)
4872 Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1907 - 1954), Wednesday 10 April 1940, page 4

MOORES -- At Eventide Home, Charters Towers, on Friday, 5th April, Harry Moores, father of Mary Harrison (Singleton), Elisa Spiller (Gympie), Margaret Tunny (Hughenden). Aged 80 years. 
MOORES, Henry (I7550)
4873 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3661)
4874 Townsville Hospital RAABE, Dennis John (I823)
4875 Townsville. November 22. Andrew Sailer, aged 65, was found dead on the beach in front of the Queen's Hotel this morning. The deceased had been staying at the hospital pending his removal to Dunwich. It is supposed he wandered into the water and was drowned. SAILER, Andreas (I2452)
4876 Transcribed marriage certificate and death certificate give place of birth as "Bellien, Germany". This is probably Bellen, Niedersachsen. Immigration records show the Wruck family's last place of residence as Gross Wangen, Saxony. Birth year of 1871 calculated from age on "Lammershagen" passenger list of 1 year in 1872. WRUCK, Emma Auguste Wilhelmine Elizabeth (I169)
4877 Transcription

Taufname des Kindes: August Carl
Tag und Stunde der Geburt in Buchstaben u Zahlen: Tag: vierzehnte; 14 November; Stunde: nachmittags 2 zwei Uhr
Ob ehelich oder unehelich: ehelich.
Vor- und Zunamen des Vaters; auch Stand desselben: Rossow, Christian, Arbeitsmann
Vor- und Zunamen der Mutter: Marie geb. Langhans.
Wohnort der Eltern: Brussow.
Tag der Taufe: 30 November.
Namen des Predigers der es getauft: Poppenburg
Namen der Taufzeugen:
1. Jungfr. Marie Ganz  aus Rossow
3. Jungfr. Karoline Uker aus Grimmen
4. Jungfr. Luise Stern aus Trampe
5. Knecht  Friedrich Wittkopf
6. Schäferknecht Karl Gladow


Baptismal/Given names of the child: August Carl
Day and hour of the birth in letters and numbers: day: fourteenth; 14 November; hour: two 2:00 in the afternoon
Whether legitimate or illegitimate: legitimate
First and last name of the father; also his occupation: Rossow, Christian, working man
First and last name of the mother: Marie born Langhans.
Place of residence of the parents: Brüssow.
Day of the baptism: 30 November.
Name of the clergyman who performed the baptism: Poppenburg
Names of the baptism witnesses:
1. The maiden Marie Ganz from Rossow
2. [crossed out]
3. The maiden Karoline Uker from Grimmen
4. The maiden Luise Stern from Trampe
5. Farm hand Friedrich Wittkopf
6. Herdsman/shepherd's man Friedrich Karl Gladow 
ROSSOW, August Carl (I9737)
4878 Transcription/translation of baptismal record:

1) Geburts-Tag - day of birth:
September den 24sten - Sept. 24

2) Tauf-Tag - day of baptism:
den 25sten ejusdem - the 25th of the same [month]

3) Name des Vaters - father's name:
Hans Hinrich Langhans, Tagelöhner zu Besau - Hans Hinrich Langhans, day laborer at Besau

4) Name der Mutter - mother's name:
Maria Catharina Sophia, geb. Hencken [=née Hencke/Hencken]

5) Name des Kindes - child's name:
Catharina Maria Elisabeth

6) Namen der Gevattern - godparent's names:
(1) Barbara Catharina Jenssen  [=Jensen]
(2) Margaretha Elizabeth Bohnhoffen [=Bohnhoff],
beyde Tagelöhnerfrauen von Besau - both wives of day laborers from Besau
(3) Maria Dorothea Carolina Brusch,
Schustertochter von Zecher - a shoemaker's daughter from Zecher [=Groß Zecher or Klein Zecher]

7) Name des taufenden Predigers - name of the clergyman who performed the baptism:
idem - the same [=Francke]

Ancestry transcription:
Name: Catharina Maria Elisabeth Langhans
Event Type:
Taufe (Baptism)
Birth Date:
24 Sep 1814
Baptism Date: 25 Sep 1814
Baptism Place: Neukirchen, Mecklenburg, Deutschland (Germany)
Father: Hans Hinrich Langhans 
Mother: Maria Catharina Sophia Langhans 
Parish as it Appears: Neuenkirchen
City or District:
Drönnewitz u Neuenkirchen
Page Number:
Evangelische Kirche Neuenkirchen (Drönnewitz) 
LANGHANS, Catherine Maria Elizabeth (I271)
4879 Transcription:
Taufnamen des Kindes: Johann Friederich Wilhelm
Tag und Stunde der Geburt (in Buchstaben u Zahlen): Tag: neunzehnten; 19 May; Stunde: Abends neun (9) Uhr
Ob ehelich oder unehelich: ehelich.
Vor- und Zuname des Vaters; auch Stand desselben: Rossow, Christian, Schäferknecht.
Vor- und Zuname der Mutter: Marie geb. Langhans.
Wohnort der Eltern: dito [= Menkin].
Tag der Taufe: der 11te Juni.
Name des Predigers der es getauft: derselbe [Poppenburg]
Namen der Taufzeugen:
1. der Jungges[elle]  Christian Dackwitz: Menkin
2. Jungf[rau]  Friedrike Reinke: Menkin
3. Jungges. Johann Ganz: Grimmen
4. Jungf. Louise Durow: Grimmen

Baptismal/Given names of the child: Johann Friederich Wilhelm
Day and hour of the birth (in letters and numbers): nineteenth; 19 May; nine, 9:00 in the evening.
Whether legitimate or illegitimate: legitimate
First and last name of the father; also his occupation: Rossow, Christian, shepherd's helper.
First and last name of the mother: Marie born Langhans.
Place of residence of the parents: ditto [= Menkin].
Day of the baptism: June 11.
Name of the clergyman who performed the baptism: the same [Poppenburg]
Names of the baptism witnesses:
1. der Jungges[elle] bachelor Christian Dackwitz: Menkin
2. Jungf[rau] Miss/the maiden Friedrike Reinke: Menkin
3. Jungges. Johann Ganz: Grimmen
4. Jungf. Louise Durow: Grimmen 
ROSSOW, Johann Frederick Wilhelm "Wilhelm" (I542)
4880 Trauregister Neuenkirchen (in Dithmarschen) 1838 Nr.1, verheiratet am 03.Dez.1837 = Andreas Wenck, Wittwer u. Arbeitsmann in Blanckenmoor, des weil. Schusters Johann Wenck und seiner Frau, weil. Margaretha, geb. Schröder im Kirchspiel Marne, ehel. Sohn, mit
Margaretha Catharina Dorothea von Döhrn. Wittwe des verstorb. Arbeitsmanns Peter von Döhrn, geb. Corpus in Blankenmoor, des weil. Fuhrmanns Friedrich August Corpus u. seiner Frau Catharina Margaretha Krögern in Breckendorf, Amts Mitten, ehel. Tochter.
I. Johann Hinrich Hansen, Einw. in Blanckenmoor
2. Peter von Döhrn, Wittwer in Tiebensee.
Proklamation: Dom. 25, 26 et 27 p. Tr.
Im Archiv liegen die erforderl. Scheine, außer dem Blatternschein der Braut, welcher zurückgestattet.
S. Verlobungsprotokoll 1837 Nr.6
Marriage register of the Evangelic Lutheran church in Neuenkirchen (in Dithmarschen) 1838 No.1, married on 03.Dec.1837 =
Andreas Wenck, a widower and labourer in Blankenmoor. A legitimate son of the late shoemaker Johann Wenck and of his wife, the late Margaretha, nee Schöder, in the church parish Marne. [In marriage united] to Margaretha Catharina Dorothea von Döhrn, the widow of the late labourer Peter von Döhrn, nee Corpus in Blankenmoor. A legitimate daughter of the late coachman Friedrich August Corpus and of his wife Catharina Margaretha, nee Kröger, in Breckendorf, church parish Hütten.
I. Johann Hinrich Hansen, an inhabitant in Blankenmoor
2. Peter von Döhrn, a widower in Tiebensee.
Proclaimed on the 25., 26. and 27. Sunday after the Sunday Trinity.
The necessary documents are now in our archives, but the certificate about the vaccination against the smallpox of the bride is given back.
See the Engagement register 1837 No.6 
Family F5667
4881 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I8453)
4882 Travelled per aircraft departing UK on 7 June 1968 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme. Daniel was 24 years old and his 4 year old son, David, accompanied him. MAGEE, Daniel Jude (I8435)
4883 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2515)
4884 Tried Hertforshire 1 July 1833
Sentenced to 7 years for stealing fowl.
Arrived 30 June 1834 on Arab(2) which had sailed from Plymouth 26 Feb 1834
Convict no. 824-43576
Asigned to work for John Petchy

Physical description:
Trade: Farm Labourer
Height: 5'5½"
Age: 23
Complexion: Dark
Head: Round
Hair, Whiskers: D Brown
Visage: Large
Forehead: Low
Eyebrows: D Brown
Eyes: D Grey
Nose: Small, Sharp
Mouth: Small
Chin: M S
Remarks: Stout made 
LOWEN, Joseph (I9358)
4885 Trinity Church, Barrabool Hills (Anglican) BOUCHER, Alice (I7370)
4886 Trinity Church, Barrabool Hills (Anglican) BOUCHER, Katherine (I7371)
4887 Trinity Church, Barrabool Hills (Anglican) BOUCHER, Elizabeth (I7368)
4888 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F5310
4889 Trinke was very quiet - if people other than family visited she would retire to her room to read.
(Notes from trip of Myrtle Colston (née Wenck) to her Aunty Martha Neuendorff (née Behm) 13 Oct 1974.)

Family lore is that Trinke was a Dane with a Spanish mother. Her mother was born in Denmark, but may have been of Spanish extraction. Certainly, Trinke and her daughters had a dark complexion. 
PAYSEN, Trinke (I67)
4890 TRONC.-In sad but loving remembrance of my dear mother, Magdalene Tronc, who departed this life at Mount Marrow Farm, Walloon, on 14th April, 1892, aged 54 years. BUTLER, Magdalene (I6057)
4891 TRONC.-On 11th June, 1939, at Morven, Susanna, beloved wife of the late Conrad Tronc, and mother of Mrs. J. Taylor, Mrs. J. McKenzie, Mrs. J. Lynam, Mrs. E. Wall, Mrs. J. Turner, and Conrad, John, Phil and William Tronc. Aged 74 years. GIBSON, Susannah (I9124)
4892 Troubridge 16-12-1914 (when Albert Raymond Boucher enlisted, this was the address for his sister, Louisa)
Althorpe 29-12-1917 (letter from Louisa advising Base Records Melbourne of the transfer from Troubridge to Althorpe)
Cape Jaffra 17-2-1919, 3-7-1919, 10-7-1919, 17-2-1920 (various correspondence) 
ELLISON-ROWE, Cuthbert Neville (I7413)
4893 Truth (Brisbane, Qld. : 1900 - 1954), Sunday 22 July 1945, page 17

Amazing Tangle Of Lovers


THE spirit of Salome, super siren of screen and story\emdash she is credited with having possessed a male harem of the bare 1000 tall'n handsome men in "The Tale Of The Wandering Jew' - must surely have a kindred kink with that of Mrs. Ena Olive Spiller, in the light of revelations in court.

For the Spiller "siren," finding herself in an unfortunate predicament at the age of 17, was forced by her parents' command, to send the father of the expected babe - later, her husband, Basil Leo Spiller - packing; the parents then married her off to a man named Allen, "to give the child a name"; soon after that Allen died, so Ena, a widow at 18, picked up the threads again with Spiller, now a soldier at a Northern battle station: And thereby she continued a series of some of the most amazing and extraordinary matrimonial and romantic situations ever to be uncovered!

SPILLER told all this to Senior Puisne Judge Macrossan in Brisbane Divorce Court during the week, when he requested very earnestly to be got out of this tantalising tangle.

Spiller told the judge that he had married Mrs. Ena Olive Allen, a widow, at Wickham-terrace, Brisbane, on May 8, 1944, and that there were no children of that union, but he had lived with her before that, and there had been a child then.

"After our marriage in May, '44, I lived with her for only one night at Marr's boarding house, before rejoining my unit," the soldier went on. "When I had gone away in 1942, I got an allotment for her, as a de facto wife.

Mr. L. Brown (for Spiller): You had known her for two years before you married her, and when the child was expected, you wanted to marry her?-- Yes, I did, but her parents objected to me and would not let her. Eventually she married a man named Tom Allen, in order to give the child a name. Soon after that Allen died and she was a widow at 18.

While you were away at a Northern battle station, did you receive a letter from your wife, dated July 26, 1944?-- Yes.

Witness then tendered this letter, which read, inter alia:

"Dear Leo...... I am not quite sure whether I want to forget John. It isn't that I have no confidence in you, but I think that John has a right to care for his own child it he wants to, and also for the one who bears his name.
"Leo, I'm telling you the truth, I love John, and it can never be any other way, but I just can't get him, as he's married back home. I married you for Tommy's sake, hoping I would forget John and learn to love you like I used to.
"John will soon be going away. Their outfit is supposed to be leaving here in August. I'll really know if he cares for me, Leo, and for his child, which is not yet born.
"I'll admit, Leo, that I want John and his child more than anything else in the world, but I guess it just isn't laid out that way for me. Leo, I often sit and wonder how you'll treat John's child when it grows up...
"I'll say cheerio, with best of love to you from your loving wife and son, Tommy."

His Honor: Who is John?--He's an American, John Reid, my wife knew before I married her.

She has a child to him, too, as well as a child to you?--Yes.
This is another child?--Yes, born after we were married.

How old is the child, Tommy, you say is yours and hers.--Three years and nine months.

Spiller also referred to a letter he received from his wife, dated January 15. 1945. This was produced by Major Portley, of the Army D.F.O., and read, inter alia:

"Dear Leo. I may as well come straight to the point. I'm asking you to divorce me..... I'm keeping company with an Australian soldier, and I'm deeply in love with him. As far as I am concerned, there is no one in my estimation I could love better. I've committed adultery with him and will again.
"Leo, I'll never live with you as your wife, as I would be so unhappy, and so would you. I've adopted the two children out.
"Well, I trust this will find you O.K. as it leaves me. Signing off and hoping you'll do the right thing, your wife, Ena."

His Honor: You allege in your petition that she committed adultery with another man, but she says that she lived with another man?--But I don't know who the last man, the Australian, was.

Did you know she was pregnant to Reid when she first married you?--Yes, she wrote and told me that she was, and that's why I married her, and because the first child was mine and hers. I asked her to register the second child in my name, but she christened the child in the name of Reid. And now she's got herself in trouble with the other man, the Australian fellow.

Where is the first child--your child?--In an orphanage. She put him there herself.

His Honor granted Spiller a decree nisi for divorce therefore, on the grounds of his wife's adultery with a man unknown.

Mr. Brown was instructed by Mr. Leo Power (Messrs. Leonard Power and Power). 
Family F5352
4894 Tumut Advocate and Farmers and Settlers' Adviser (NSW : 1903 - 1925), Tuesday 13 March 1906, page 3

SNODDEN.-At Capper-street, Newtown, Tumut, on March 10, Emily Katherine Jersey Snodden (nee Lockyer), relict of the late Henry Snodden, at the age of 86 years 
LOCKYER, Emily Catherine Jersey (I1314)
4895 Tungamah Cemetery McINTYRE, Archibald (I5252)
4896 Turner-Moorcroft--Prior.
The marriage of Mr. David Turner-Moorcroft (fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Turner-Moorcroft, of Nanango) to Miss Gertie Prior (second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Prior, of Teneriffe) took place on August 21. The Rev. Douglas Price performed the ceremony. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a tailor-made coat and skirt of navy blue serge, and a blue felt hat to harmonise. Mrs. Prior (mother of the bride) wore a black silk eolienne over black glace silk, and a black hat. Mrs. George Brier (sister) wore a cloth costume, trimmed with gray glace silk, and a smart blue felt hat. 
Family F5781
4897 Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW : 1914 - 1949), Saturday 9 July 1938, page 4


The death took place on Thursday in the Brisbane General Hospital of Mrs. Lena Elizabeth Faux (44), wife of Mr. George Faux, of Highfields. Mrs. Faux had undergone an operation which had been pending for some time.
She is survived by her widower and a family of two boys and two girls.
Mrs. Faux had been a resident of the Tweed Heads district for about 14 years.
A funeral service in the Anglican Church, Tweed Heads, was conducted by Rev. W. Hopwood Evans. Interment was made at the Tweed Heads cemetery yesterday. The pallbearers were Messrs. W. Hohn, M. Masterton (brothers-in-law), H. V. Austin, G. Cannon, A. Arnold and W. Chapman. Rev. Evans also conducted the burial service. The funeral arrangements were carried out by W. V. Barrett and Co. 
KUPFER, Lena Elizabeth (I7652)
4898 Una was enrolled at Minden School in 1910. BEHM, Una Winifred (I165)
4899 Unable to find death registration COLLI, Bruno (I1285)
4900 Unable to find marriage or death. Bridget may have taken the name of her foster parents. LENNON, Bridget (I459)

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